The Selling Process

Step 1. Listing Your Property

We will inspect the property and compare its features (land size, bedrooms, condition etc) with homes in the area that have recently sold, and their sale prices. This will give us a good idea on what your property would sell for in today’s market. With you we will decide on a suitable listing price. Some paperwork will be completed to grant us the permission to sell your home on your behalf. We will then recommend marketing options to best suit your property and your budget


Step 2. Advertising Your Property

We will recommend some marketing options best suitable for your property and your budget. Your property will feature on the following high profile websites;

Step 3. Inspections

As a result from advertising and open homes there will be a number of enquiries, we will qualify these and find out who the true potential buyers are. If your property is for investment purposes and you have tenants in place, we will give them 24hours notice before an inspection. If you are selling the home that you live in yourself, we will give you a call to see what time suits you, and show the potential buyers through, highlighting the features of your property as we go.

Step 4. Signing The Contract

As soon as we get an offer, it will be put on paper (the buyer will complete a REIQ recommended contract) and a deposit will be made by the purchaser. If you are happy with the purchase price and conditions of the contract, you will sign/initial where required. The contract has now been signed off by all parties, it will be dated and your property can be classed as being ‘Under Contract’


Step 5. Under Contract

The buyer has a cooling off period of 5 business days where they can terminate the contract for any reason. If this happens, the seller must refund the deposit within 14 days of termination of the contract, but may deduct a termination penalty equal to 0.25% of the purchase price. Most contracts are conditional upon the buyers securing finance and being satisfied with a pest & building inspection.

Step 6. Unconditional

This is when all conditions on the contract have been met and all parties are satisfied. Breathe a sigh of relief because the hard work is over – now you’re just waiting for the solicitors to carry out the searches and change title documents. Now is the best time to start packing – it is unlikely the contract will fall through.

Step 7. Settlement

The solicitors from both parties will meet and agree that your property has been sold to the buyer and all the paperwork has been organised to change the title etc. Your solicitor will receive the money from the buyer and then it’s all over: you can expect your cheque very soon!