Choosing The Right Property

Location, Style and Size

In choosing the right home there are several factors you need to consider, including:

Location: preferred suburbs and access to schools, work amenities

Style and size of home: unit, house, duplex and family needs

In deciding on a location, as local residents Superior Property know the areas extremely well and are also aware of any proposed changes in the area that are likely to affect your investment. However, you should consider factors such as distance from your place of work, nearby educational facilities, availability of recreational facilities, the local town-planning scheme, and the development potential of the land.

When determining the style and size of your home, consider your basic needs, for example:

  • Garage or carport requirements
  • An extensive garden or easy care surrounds
  • Family living areas: games room, bedrooms etc.
  • Inside and outside entertaining areas
  • Capacity to extend.

The research that you may care to undertake includes obtaining a copy of the Certificate of Title. This will inform you of any encumbrances that may affect your use of the land or strata entitlement. It is also wise to enquire with the seller’s agent whether the local authority has approved extensions on the property.

Warning! Beware inexperience and unscrupulous Real Estate Agents:
If you are seriously thinking of selling your property you really must seek the right advice from the right agent. Unfortunately there are some “young guns” out there who will tell you anything to simply get your listing, this more often than not due to pressure on them. What is happening is that people are actually being told that their property will sell for sky high prices that simply are nowhere near the truth of reality.

Please don’t think this is sour grapes, because Superior Property would love you to get the highest possible price for your property, but the risk you run is that your property won’t sell and you will be under even more pressure. Please talk to Superior Property if you are in any doubt.